Drakon Leaders

I told myself that the possible downfall of Twitter had opened my eyes to the importance of sharing book stuff everywhere, rather than just one place, and yet, I continue to forget. 😅

I’m coming out of my latest migraine now and trying to find all the places I let fall behind this time. One of them is definitely the newsletter, but also, here. So, I’ll try to fix that this weekend! 💙

Recently, I shared Em’s (less-than-accurate) adorable beasties with you. This time, I thought I’d introduce you to the chosen leaders of the Drakon people. 💚🐉💚

At the moment, they have a couple of scenes in Book 2, but whether those scenes will survive edits or not is anyone’s guess. (I’m an overwriter. So, editing involves a lot of cutting for me.)

But if nothing else, it was fun! 💚

P.S. – Emilia’s mother is easy to spot because she’s the one with the angry eyebrows. 😅

(These were made with this picrew maker. 💙)

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