Meet our lesbian pirates! 🖤

And other characters from Pirates of Aletharia. 🖤

Emilia Drakon

Surgeon and Dragon Sorceress
Helen Maynard

Master Gunner
Catherine Rochester

Admiral of the Royal Navy
Captain Maria Welles

Pirate Captain
Zain Amari


Goddess of the Sea
Judith Brewster

Ship Cook and Spy


Master Ship Cat

And here is Britney Jackson’s Totally Professional and Not At All Dorky™️ character list. 😅

🏳️‍🌈 Emilia Drakon, Surgeon/Witch – Nicest lesbian you’ve ever met, except she’s finally given herself permission to be petty. (But with murder.)

🏴‍☠️ Maria Welles, Pirate Captain – Meanest lesbian you’ve ever met, except she’s a tiny bit sweet and gooey on the inside. (Also, with murder. So much murder.)

🍻 Judith Brewster, Cook/Spy – Drunkest lesbian you’ve ever met. (With less murder.)

💥 Helen Maynard, Master Gunner – Most muscular and gunpowdery bisexual you’ve ever met. (With accidental murder.)

⚓️ Zain Amari, Quartermaster – Probably the only rational guy on the whole ship, got blackmailed for dating the wrong dude once.

⛵️ Pelt, Boatswain – Token Straight Dude.

🪝 Fulke, Master at Arms – Giant dude. Doesn’t like splinters.

🗡 Adda, Fencer – Maria’s Crime Mom. Sort of.

⚔️ Catherine Rochester, Admiral of the Royal Navy – We don’t like her.

👑 King Eldric, King of Illopia – We don’t like him either.

🌊 Aletha, Goddess of the Sea – Adopts sad witch babies. Occasionally creates accidental hurricanes with her girlfriend.

🌪 Aria, Goddess of the Wind – The girlfriend.

🐈 Ship Cats – The true heroes, according to themselves.

🐉 Dragons – Beastly demigods who love Emilia so much that they once tried to feed her live animals that were three times her size. (Aww!)

⚓️ Wicked Fate – This is a ship, not a person, but don’t tell Maria that.

The character images at the top of this page were made with Baydews Picrew maker. Click on the link, if you’d like to check it out.

©️Britney Jackson

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