Hello, and welcome to the website of Britney Jackson, author of the Creatures of Darkness Series. 🖤

Britney writes fantasy and paranormal novels—usually featuring women who love women. All four books of her queer vampire series are available now, and she has an untitled, lesbian pirate novel—which she jokingly refers to as Lesbians, Pirates, and Dragons—currently in the works. Watch her blog and social media for updates on that. 🖤

The Creatures of Darkness Series:

The Creatures of Darkness Series is a dark fantasy series, centered around Rose Foster—the perpetually sarcastic, bisexual protagonist—and an unlikely group of vampires who attempt to save the world.

There’s also a bit of queer romance going on in the midst of the chaos—especially once seductive, Viking warrior, Kara Unnarsdóttir, comes into the picture in The Tomb of Blood. 🖤

Follow Rose and her companions as they fight to stop a nefarious plan that was set into motion thousands of years ago, and as Rose unravels the mystery of what she really is.

The fourth and final book of the series, The Reign of Darkness, is available now!

Available Now:

The Tomb of Blood Cover

the assassins of light cover

The Reign of Darkness Cover


Coming Soon:


© Britney Jackson 2020

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