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Emilia Drakon was once the youngest and kindest of the dragon sorcerers, but she’s now the last of her kind. Betrayed and angry, she trades her meekness for a sword and embarks on a quest for vengeance that will lead her straight into the arms of the legendary Captain Maria Welles.

Captain of the famed pirate ship, the Wicked Fate, Maria is every bit as treacherous and bloodthirsty as they say. She has her own vendetta and practically jumps at the chance to trick Emilia into joining her crew.

But when their animosity toward each other blossoms into a passionate romance, the two women will have to decide what they want most.


Or love?

A sapphic fantasy adventure for people who love dangerous women, magical worlds, and lesbian pirates.

Or if queer vampires are your thing… 🧛‍♀️🌈

In the final book of the Creatures of Darkness series, powerful vampire, Rose Foster, and her Viking warrior girlfriend, Kara Unnarsdóttir, are trying to end a supernatural world war.

But when Kara learns the origin of Rose’s power, she must decide where her loyalty truly lies: with the woman she loves or the world itself.

In the third book of the Creatures of Darkness series, Rose Foster—a sassy vampire with godlike power—must protect the ones she loves from an anti-vampire organization called the Assassins of Light, while also dealing with her growing feelings for the Viking warrior, Kara Unnarsdóttir.

In the second book of the Creatures of Darkness series, Rose Foster is just trying to adjust to her new life as a vampire, when a new villain throws her life into chaos yet again.

When they find out that the seductive, manipulative, and telepathic vampire, Alana, is alive—and forming an army—Rose and her friends turn to Alana’s ex-girlfriend for help.

Alana’s ex-lover, Kara Unnarsdóttir, is a cunning warrior and the second-in-command of the largest vampire colony in the world, the Tomb of Blood. Rose’s feelings for Kara are as intense as they are complicated, but whether or not she can be trusted remains to be seen.

In the first book of the Creatures of Darkness series, find out how our perpetually sarcastic and socially awkward protagonist, Rose Foster, found herself in the world of vampires in the first place.

The Creatures of Darkness Series:

The Creatures of Darkness series is a dark fantasy series, centered around Rose Foster—the perpetually sarcastic, bisexual protagonist—and an unlikely group of vampires who attempt to save the world.

There’s also a bit of queer romance going on in the midst of the chaos—especially once seductive, Viking warrior, Kara Unnarsdóttir, comes into the picture in The Tomb of Blood. 🖤

Follow Rose and her companions as they fight to stop a nefarious plan that was set into motion thousands of years ago, and as Rose unravels the mystery of what she really is.

The fourth and final book of the series, The Reign of Darkness, is available now!


Pirates of Aletharia is a Goldie Finalist in the Science Fiction and Fantasy category! 🖤

Thank you to the GCLS, and congratulations to all of the other finalists! 🖤

You can see them all here:

Pirates of Aletharia won I Heart Lesfic’s Book of the Month in the Fantasy Romance category! 🖤

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The Reign of Darkness, Book Four of the Creatures of Darkness series, was voted Best Paranormal Romance on a Best Lesfic of 2020 List! 🖤

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