Kara and Those Stares of Hers 😂

If Kara had a business card, it would say:

Warrior, Spymaster, and Queen of Sexy Stares. 😂

Happy Teaser Day! 🖤🖤🖤

The text, in case the graphic is too small:

Honest to God, Rose was trying to focus on Talulah’s instructions, but it was hard to focus on anything when she could feel the heat of Kara’s gaze on her. She glanced out into the crowd, meeting Kara’s gaze instantly, despite all of the people between them. That ice-blue hue of her eyes might as well have been fiery-ember with the amount of heat they held. Rose tugged at the collar of her hoodie, feeling a little overheated, all of the sudden. Kara must’ve noticed—because her lips curved a little at the corners. She lifted her glass to her lips, hiding her smile.

“Rose,” Talulah said, startling her. “Did you hear anything I just said?”

Rose looked at her, shrugging sheepishly. “Something about bombs?”

Talulah rolled her eyes. “I hate Kara.”

from my upcoming book, The Reign of Darkness,

Book Four of the Creatures of Darkness Series.

©️ Britney Jackson

Coming Soon(ish) 🖤

Scary Rose

Teaser Day! 💜🖤🧡

🎃 Last week was Scary Alana. This week…have some Scary Rose. 🎃


“Uh, Rose? Did you really call a ten-thousand-year-old queen a ‘psychotic idiot?’”

“She’s psychotic. And an idiot,” Rose said. “What else would I call her?”

“If you don’t want us all to die,” Erik muttered, his eyes wide, “queen?”

Rose rolled her eyes. “She’s not my queen,” she said, stepping past him.

He turned, watching as she unlocked the door to her bedroom. “Listen,” he sighed, “I have a little experience with…you know…psychotic people, and…”

Rose turned toward him. “While I appreciate the unsolicited advice,” she interrupted, flashing a sassy smile, “I have an injured girlfriend who needs blood.”

“I’m just saying,” Erik told her, “sometimes, it’s best not to…provoke.”

Rose took a step toward him. “I don’t play nice with evil,” she told him, “and if I’m forced to share a space with evil, I’m not going to pretend to like it.”

He nodded. “Okay, yeah, but,” he paused, wincing, “she’s just so…scary.”

Rose smiled, raising an eyebrow. “I thought Vikings were supposed to be fearless.”

He scratched at his collar, laughing nervously. “Nah, that’s just Kara.”

“Yeah, well,” Rose said, her smile fading, “that queen hurt the woman I love. She’s lucky all I did was call her a psychotic idiot.”

That glowing, blood-red haze overtook Rose’s eyes, and the table began to rattle against the wall.

A glass vase fell into floor, shattering.

“Because…if she touches Kara again, I’ll kill her.”

Erik took a step back. “Eyes, Rose,” he whined. “Eyes.”

from my upcoming book, The Reign of Darkness,

Book Four of the Creatures of Darkness Series.

©️Britney Jackson

Coming Soon(ish) 💜🖤🧡

Excerpt: Trick or Treat 🧡🖤

Teaser Day! 🖤🧡

In the spirit of Halloween, here’s a scene (from The Reign of Darkness) with our favorite trickster, Kara, and her villainous ex-lover, Alana. 🎃🖤🧡


The glass shattered in Alana’s hand, the scent of her blood filling the air.

Kara looked down, her eyes darkening with hunger, as she watched the blood flow from Alana’s hand, sliding down her wrist in a steady, crimson stream.

With a shriek of rage, Alana gripped the largest shard of glass and swung it at Kara.

Kara caught her wrist easily. “Careful, love,” she said, ripping the shard of glass from Alana’s hand. “You wouldn’t want to scar your pretty hands.”

Alana jerked her wrist from Kara’s grasp. “You lied to me!” she growled.

Kara took a step backward, a cocky smirk tilting at the edges of her lips. “It’s what I do,” she said, spreading out her arms. “Try not to act so surprised.”

She spun on her heels and headed toward the door, feeling quite proud of herself, to be honest. But as she placed her hand on the doorknob, she heard a sound that made her heart stop—Alana. Not the shrieking, rage-filled Alana she’d faced a moment before…

No, she sounded calm now.

Amused, even.


“But it’s more fun when I act.”

Kara froze, a cold rush of dread pouring over her. She turned, watching as Alana cleaned the blood from her hand with a cloth. “What are you saying?”

Alana smiled. “It’s oddly satisfying to trick a trickster, don’t you think?”

“You knew,” Kara realized, her brows furrowing, “that I was using you.”

Alana giggled, “I’ve been with you for a thousand years.” She took a step closer to Kara. “You didn’t think I’d learned nothing in all of that time, did you?”

Kara sighed irritably. “If you knew, why did you tell me the truth?”

“Do you think this is the first time you’ve gotten this close to the truth?” Alana scoffed. When she noticed Kara’s worried frown, her smile widened. “Oh, you did,” she giggled. Her dark blue eyes sparkled. “That’s kind of sweet, actually.”

Kara wanted to run—to get out of reach before Alana came any closer to her—but a pulsing, painful fog had already begun to spread through her mind.

“When you talk to Aaron, you won’t remember any of this,” Alana said.

Kara pressed her hand against her face, as if she could push away the fog, as if she could stop the mind-control. Her hair fell around her face, and her head spun violently. She almost fell, but Alana caught her. “Please, stop,” Kara gasped.

Alana pushed Kara’s hair out of her face, so that Kara could see the smile on Alana’s face. “And hundreds of years from now, you’ll play right into his plan.”

Everything suddenly stopped spinning. Kara straightened—the dizziness and pain gone. She looked down at Alana, her brows furrowing. “Whose plan?”

“See?” Alana said with a laugh. “You’ve already forgotten.” When Kara’s frown deepened, Alana smiled. “It’s you who is being used this time, darling.”

Kara stared at the glass in the floor, trying to remember what happened.

“Come back to bed,” Alana called, as she headed back to the bedroom.

Kara glanced toward their bedroom, her eyebrows lifting, as she noticed Alana’s dress already in the floor. She knew she must’ve been going somewhere, but it suddenly didn’t feel so important. She stepped away from the door. “Okay.”

from my upcoming book, The Reign of Darkness,

Book Four of the Creatures of Darkness Series

©️Britney Jackson

🖤🧡 Coming Soon(ish) 🖤🧡

Oh, and this is a flashback scene, so “hundreds of years from now”…is now. 😉🖤

Teaser: Adorkable Rose

Happy Teaser Day! 💚💚💚

And here’s a scene from The Reign of Darkness (Book 4 of the Creatures of Darkness Series), where Rose gets all adorkably excited over a “superhero name.” 😂💚


“Are you telling me that the fate of the world rests in the hands of a nerd with fangs and her crazy, battle-axe-wielding girlfriend?”

Kara joined them by the door. “Keep insulting my battle-axe, and I’ll cut you in half with it.” When Erik took a step back, she smirked and added, “Again.”

“I wasn’t insulting your battle-axe,” Erik muttered. “I was insulting you.”

Rose’s mouth fell open. “Hey,” she said, turning toward Kara. She flashed a bright, fanged smile. “Nerd with Fangs could totally be my superhero name!”

Kara leaned against the wall, burying her hands in her pockets. She swept her gaze over Rose’s body, a flirty smile tilting at her lips. “Sounds lovely.”

Erik scowled, baffled by Rose’s excitement. “It wasn’t a compliment!”

Kara reached out and closed the door in his face.

from my upcoming book, The Reign of Darkness,

Book Four of the Creatures of Darkness Series.

©️ Britney Jackson

Coming Soon(ish) 💚💚💚


Kara Aesthetic

It’s Teaser Day again! 🖤🖤🖤🖤

Side-note: I meant to post this earlier in the day, but I was in the hospital all night, which, of course, wasn’t planned. It turns out…my platelet count is very low, and I have to see a hemotologist. So, of course, my mind is in all the wrong places right now, focusing on every scary possibility. So…if you want to send any good thoughts or prayers my way, I’d definitely appreciate it. 🖤🖤🖤

Anyway, back to happy book stuff:

Look! It’s a Kara Aesthetic! 😍🖤🖤🖤

I think most everyone knows Rose’s crazy, battle-axe-wielding girlfriend, by now, but just in case you don’t…


– Viking Warrior

– Second-in-command of the most powerful vampire colony in the world

– Spymaster

– Aaron’s Personal Assassin

– Lies. A lot.

– Flirty is NOT a strong enough word for her.

– 100% absolutely WILL dismember you, if you insult Rose.

– Loyal to no one but herself…

– …and Rose. 🖤

…Oh, and that quote’s from my upcoming book, The Reign of Darkness (Book 4 of the Creatures of Darkness Series), by the way. 😉🖤

Excerpt: An Ode to Audrey’s Weak Stomach 😂

It’s Teaser Day! (Thursday is Teaser Day now. Shhh…just go with it. 😁)

It’s also my oldest son’s birthday! 💚 He’s seven now. (Holy crap. 😳)

Anyway, I have a new teaser (and excerpt) for you today. 💚 I call this one “An Ode to Audrey’s Weak Stomach.” 😂

(Please, excuse my dorkiness. I’m very sleep-deprived. 😂)


Audrey met them at the door. “What happened to Gun-Dude?”

Rose gave her a bewildered look. “Who?”

“The dude with the guns,” Audrey said impatiently. “Where did he go?”

“Depends on which part of him you mean,” Kara said with a smug smirk.

“What?” Audrey said. She felt Owen tap her shoulder, and then, she saw him point to something in Kara’s hand. Her gaze shifted down, toward the battle-axe that Kara held by her side. Audrey paled at the sight of the blood that coated the blade. “I’m going to be sick,” she whined—before darting off, down the hall.

Owen raised an eyebrow at Kara. “You know…the Assassins of Light had all sorts of words for you. Dangerous. Crazy. Savage. Unpredictable. Wild…”

“Aww,” Kara said, clasping her free hand—which was also stained with blood—over her chest. She looked at Rose—who seemed pretty distracted, at the moment. “Did you hear that, love? The Nazi-wannabes gave me affectionate nicknames! I should give them some, too. Headless. Crushed Skull. Disemboweled…”

Owen’s eyes widened. “Rose, how do you sleep next to this woman?”

“On my side, usually,” Rose said. “Where’s Kallias?”

from my upcoming book, The Reign of Darkness

Book Four of the Creatures of Darkness Series

Coming Soon(ish) 🖤

©️ Britney Jackson

Rose & Kara Playlist 🖤

I’m participating in the #WIPTunes hashtag game on Twitter this month, and today, we shared our writing playlists. Well, I have hundreds of songs saved on my Spotify, sorted into about twenty different playlists: one for every kind of scene in every book. (It’s a bit of an obsession. 😂) So, I decided to just share my favorite: my Rose and Kara Playlist. 🖤 (Pictured below.)

So, if you’ve ever wondered what music Rose and Kara’s (romantic) scenes are set to in my head, now you know. 😊🖤

(Well…for now, anyway. I’m always adding new songs.)


P.S. – For anyone new to these books: Rose is the protagonist of the Creatures of Darkness series, and Kara is the Viking warrior love interest, who steals Rose’s heart in The Tomb of Blood (Book 2) and The Assassins of Light (Book 3). 🖤 You can also expect to see quite a lot of her in my upcoming book, The Reign of Darkness (Book 4). 🖤

Happy BiWeek! 💖💜💙

Happy BiWeek to my bi readers and friends! 💖💜💙

(And to Rose Foster, the bisexual protagonist of the Creatures of Darkness series. 😊)

For BiWeek, all of the ebooks in the Creatures of Darkness series are discounted to $3.99. (They’ll go back to their regular price after September 30th.) And of course, they’re also free to read on Kindle Unlimited, if you have that. 🖤


Book 1 – The Stone of the Eklektos: http://a.co/d/6CJBQ07

Book 2 – The Tomb of Blood: http://a.co/d/0tyoj2B

Book 3 – The Assassins of Light: http://a.co/d/3sJEAxz

Love you guys! 💖💜💙


Guess what? I’m almost at the halfway point of The Reign of Darkness (Book Four of the Creatures of Darkness series)!

I’m not the fastest writer (the kids keep me busy 😊), but it’s getting there!



To celebrate,

Here’s our favorite Viking warrior being kind of sweet. 🖤

Kara’s fingers were still cold and wet when they found Rose’s. “If the world ends tomorrow, at least I’ll have spent my last night with you.”

Rose smiled. “You can’t use a line like that and not kiss me afterward.”


from The Reign of Darkness

Creatures of Darkness: Book Four

©️ Britney Jackson


Translation: Apocalypses suck and all, but… 😍

P.S. — In case you can’t tell, I wrote this scene while we were at the beach. 😂

Character Preview (And Excerpt!)

Some of you have been asking a lot of questions about a certain unnamed character in the last scene of The Assassins of Light, so…

Character Preview! 😊❤️

Meet Princess Myrinne!

(Well, technically, if you’ve finished The Assassins of Light, you’ve already met her. You just didn’t know her name. 😁)

Princess Myrinne is a very important character in The Reign of Darkness, and I can’t share a whole lot of the why because…spoilers…but…

What I can tell you is that she’s very concerned about Rose (for some reason).

And she’s definitely not Kara’s biggest fan. But…Kara’s not entirely innocent in that. (Of course she isn’t. When is Kara ever innocent? 😂)

And…well…there’s much more to her than meets the eye…

Excerpt! ❤️

Princess Myrinne stared at Kara, her nose wrinkling at Kara’s clear lack of manners. “Uh,” she muttered, “people don’t usually lie down in my presence.”

Kara folded her arm behind her head and lifted her eyebrows. “Really?” she said, a wry grin tilting at her lips. “Do you have sex standing up, then?”

Rose stared at a random flower vase, her eyes wide. “Oh my word.”

The princess offered Rose a very forced smile. “This…is your lover?”

Rose shrugged sheepishly. “She’s…umm…an acquired taste?”

Kara snorted at that.

Princess Myrinne shot another glare at Kara—who simply smiled back at her. “I don’t see how,” she muttered. She turned to Rose. “Is the room okay?”

Rose stared blankly at her. “It could be bigger.”

“Oh,” Princess Myrinne said, straightening. “Well, I could try to find…”

“That was sarcasm,” Rose interrupted, her eyebrows high. She waved her hands at the massive bedroom. “It’s like four times the size of my apartment.”

Princess Myrinne frowned. “Oh. Then, I assume…you’re comfortable?”

Rose glanced at Kara, who was currently stretched out lazily on the bed, flipping through that strange, illegible book—that Galenos had just asked her not to touch. “Well, she’s comfortable.”

An amused smile curved at the edges of Kara’s lips, but she said nothing.

“I’m not concerned with her,” the princess said. “Are you comfortable?”

“I’m surrounded by people I don’t know, and I don’t even know where I am,” Rose said slowly, “and people keep bowing to me.” She threw up her hands. “How am I supposed to feel comfortable when everyone keeps bowing to me?!”

The vampire shrugged. “People bow to me all the time. I’m a princess.”

“Really?” Rose said, her voice thick with sarcasm. “I thought Princess was just your first name. And the tiara was some kind of new fashion or something.”

Princess Myrinne shot a wary look in Kara’s direction. “Is she joking?”

“Usually,” Kara said, flipping to the next page of the Book of Gibberish.

Princess Myrinne turned back toward Rose. “Bowing is merely a sign of respect, my Eklektos,” she said with a polite smile, “and a sign of reverence.”

“Reverence?” Rose repeated suspiciously. “Reverence for what?”

The princess turned to leave. “You’ll understand. Soon enough.”

“Oh, great. More vagueness,” Rose said. She flashed her sassiest smile. “You wouldn’t happen to be related to Erastos, by any chance, would you?”

Rose had meant it as a joke, but as soon as she mentioned the name Erastos, the strange, tiara-wearing vampire froze, her slender shoulders stiffening.

Kara must have noticed it, too, because at that moment, her intense, blue gaze darted toward the princess—but only briefly. Rose noticed Kara smooth her hand over her shirt—in the exact spot where she usually hid her throwing knives.

But when Princess Myrinne turned back toward Rose, she looked completely at ease again, as if nothing had ever happened. “He’s my uncle.”

Rose blinked in shock. “Oh,” she sputtered. It took her a few moments to regain her composure enough to respond. “Then, does that mean he’s…here?”

Princess Myrinne frowned at the strange question. “His memorial is.”

“His…memorial?” Rose repeated bewilderedly.

“He died,” Princess Myrinne told her, “ten thousand years ago.”

From my upcoming book, The Reign of Darkness,

Book Four of the Creatures of Darkness Series.

©️ Britney Jackson

Family Trip

I haven’t been updating much lately because I’ve been really busy, but you can expect at least two new updates today and a few more later this week. 😊

Oh, and one of the posts today will include a character preview and excerpt from The Reign of Darkness! So, keep an eye out for that! ❤️

I spent most of last week in Orange Beach, Alabama, spending time with family and getting a ton of inspiration for the ocean scenes in The Reign of Darkness.

I got horribly sick my first night there because I’m a redhead, and the sun hates me. (No wonder I write about vampires. I basically am one.)

So, I wound up having to spend the second day inside, recovering.

But I got back out there the third day….

…And had a horrible reaction to a jellyfish sting because my skin hates me, too. 😂

I have the worst luck, guys. 😂

But it was all worth it because the ocean was so beautiful. 💙💙💙

The sky and water were this perfect, matching shade of cotton-candy blue, at first.

And then an awesome, darker blue, later. 💙

Pictures don’t really do it justice, but…

Seriously, it was just….gorgeous.

The dolphins came close to shore while we were swimming, which was absolutely amazing.

And most importantly, the kids loved it. ❤️❤️❤️

That’s my youngest son, Rowan (1), in the first picture, and my oldest son, Tucker (6), in the second picture, by the way. 😊

The trip also inspired me to add a beach scene (that I hadn’t planned) to The Reign of Darkness, and I’m now absolutely in love with it. I hope you guys will like it, too. ❤️

P.S. – If you’ve finished The Assassins of Light and are curious about that mysterious, unnamed character in the last scene, you’re going to want to keep an eye out for the excerpt I’m posting later. 😉

Aesthetic: Rose Foster

“She’s Darkness in the flesh, and you thought it’d be a good idea to piss her off?”

I made this a couple of weeks ago for the Thursday Aesthetic thing on Twitter, and I forgot to share it here. The theme for that week was “protagonist,” so I made this one for Rose. ❤️

Some of you already know Rose pretty well, either because: 1) you’ve been reading the series ❤️, or 2) you see me ramble obsessively about my books all of the time. 😂

But just in case you don’t…

Here’s your basic introduction to the protagonist of the Creatures of Darkness Series: ❤️

She’s brilliant, bisexual, and perpetually sarcastic.

She’s shy and awkward.

She loves books, comics, and…well, she used to love coffee…until she died. Now, all she drinks is blood.

On the surface, she’s kind and gentle. Beneath the surface, however, she’s something much…Darker…

…Oh, and the quote in the aesthetic is from The Reign of Darkness, by the way… 😉