Thank You!

Pirates of Aletharia has officially passed the 900 rating and review mark on Amazon! 💙 And we seem to be approaching 200 on Audible? 💙 I (obviously) never expected this, and I’m so grateful. 💙

Thank you for giving my snarky lesbian pirates a chance! 💙

Beach graphic with heart and the words: “Thank you.”

Screenshot of 900 reviews for Pirates of Aletharia on Amazon and a screenshot of 189 on Audible.

A Book of the Year?! 🥹

An award from I Heart SapphFic with champagne in the background. Shows the cover of Pirates of Aletharia by Britney Jackson on the left and reads, “2022 Book of the Year - Fantasy” on the right.

Gosh. How wonderful is this?! 🥹💙

Pirates of Aletharia was voted 2022 Book of the Year in the Fantasy category on I Heart SapphFic. 💙💙💙💙

Thank you to everyone who voted! 💙 You’re amazing, and I’m so grateful to have been able to share the first part of Em and Maria’s story with you. 💙

And thanks to I Heart SapphFic for the amazing work they do for the sapphic book community. 💙

Congratulations to the other winners! 💙

You can see them all here:

Dragons of Aletharia

Obviously, Aletharian dragons are massive and terrifying with broken scale, scars, and big teeth, but in Em’s head, they’re the adorable beasties who listen to her stories when they’re not barbecuing people.

I put her in charge of the graphic, so here we are.

Meet (some of) the dragons of Aletharia. 🏴‍☠️🌈

Baby dragons on Pride flag background with names underneath: Nymeth, Astral, Emryn, Caelu, Igrunn.

Dragons of Aletharia.

Sapphic Book Bingo

(I finally remembered to do the thing!)

If you’re participating in Jae’s Sapphic Book Bingo this year, here are some of the categories my books fit into. (I’m sure I missed something, but hopefully, it’s still helpful. 😅💙)

If you’re doing the Unicorn card, Pirates of Aletharia fits the 5-Star Read qualifications on Amazon, and both Pirates of Aletharia and The Reign of Darkness have unusual settings. 💙

If you decide to read (or re-read) any of mine, I hope you enjoy! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

Sapphic Book Bingo Categories for Pirates of Aletharia by Britney Jackson:

Bingo Calegories:
• Enemies-to-Lovers Romance
• New-to-you Author?
• Boss/Employee Romance (Captain/Surgeon, to be exact.)

• Five-Star Read (💙!)
• Unusual Setting
Sapphic Book Bingo Categories:

The Tomb of Blood by Britney Jackson:
• Age Gap Romance, sort of? (about 1,402 years)
• Second book in a series.
• Country or state vou haven't visited vet? (Florida and Norway)

The Assassins of Light by Britney Jackson:
• Age Gap Romance?
• Country or state vou haven't visited vet? (Norway, Florida, New York. and Canada)
• Angsty Romance

The Reign of Darkness by Britney Jackson:
• Age Gap Romance?
• Unusual Setting

Learn more about Sapphic Book Bingo here:

And you can find the book links here:

🏴‍☠️ Pirates of Aletharia:

🧛‍♀️ Creatures of Darkness Series:

Thank You 💙

At some point last week, Pirates of Aletharia received its 500th Amazon review. 💙 I’m utterly amazed.

And so, so grateful. 💙

Thank you all for reading! And for showing so much love to these lesbian pirates and their meddling ship cat! 💙

I feel like I could say thank you every day, and it still wouldn’t be enough. But hopefully, my periodic thank you’s reach you, at least. 💙

I love writing so much, and I’m grateful every day I get to do it.

You have no idea how many writer’s blocks and self-doubt spirals your support and kind words have pulled me through.

I appreciate you all more than I could ever say, and I can’t wait to share Em and Maria’s next adventure with you. 💙

New Teaser: A New Destination

First teaser from the lesbian pirate sequel! 🏴‍☠️🌈

(And I’m already having to bleep Maria’s language. 😅)

Did you notice how Emilia’s graduated from Maria’s “fascination” to “the woman who loves her?” ✨Progress!✨

Maybe in fifty years, Zain will actually compliment her. 😅

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this tiny snippet of Goddess of the Sea. I can’t wait to share more with you! 💙

And I hope you all have an awesome weekend! 💙


I hope you’re all having a wonderful month. 💙

I recently found out that Pirates of Aletharia won I Heart Lesfic’s Book of the Month Award in the Fantasy Romance category. 💙

Thank you so much to everyone who voted. I can’t tell you how grateful and happy I am that people are enjoying Em and Maria’s story. 💙

And I can’t wait to share their next story with you! 💙

You can see the other winners at this link:

And if you aren’t already subscribed to the I Heart Lesfic newsletter, I definitely recommend it! It’s one of my favorite newsletters to see in my inbox each week. 💙

IHL Book of the Month Award
Fantasy Romance

Pirates of Aletharia
by Britney Jackson

Teaser: Attraction

I haven’t done a teaser day in ages. So, here’s Emilia being a hopeless lesbian over the woman who might murder her. (As one does.)

Pirates of Aletharia

by Britney Jackson

The first newsletter of the year will go out later this week! 💙

So, if you want to get that, and you haven’t had a chance to sign up yet, you can sign up here! 💙

Happy Teaser Day, and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 💙

Lesbian Pirate News

So…bad news and good news. 🏴‍☠️🌈

Earlier this week, something went very wonky when I submitted the Pirates of Aletharia manuscript, and Amazon cancelled the preorders (which is just a nightmare, really). But I’m trying to stay optimistic! So, the good news is: it’ll go live as soon as they approve it.

So, it’ll be out, as planned, on the 21st (if not earlier). But it’ll have a new link and no preorder period.

To everyone who preordered, your excitement still means the world to me, whether it worked out or not. 🖤🖤🖤 So, thank you so, so much, and I’ll hope you’ll still be excited when the new link’s up. 🖤🖤🖤

I’ll share the new link with you as soon as I have it! 🖤🖤🖤

Happy Pride!

It’s Pride Month, y’all! 🏳️‍🌈

This is the month every year where the LGBTQ community gets supercharged by rainbows, and bigots have their socks eaten by dryers. If the universe gets the formula wrong, don’t forget to file a formal complaint, okay?


Seriously, though, I hope you all have a wonderful month!

Happy Pride! 🏳️‍🌈 And in case no one has told you recently…you’re perfect the way you are. ❤️

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