Teaser: Rose and Kara’s Kissing Habits

And so, the Saga of Rose and Kara Accidentally Making Out in the Wrong Places continues… 😂

Happy Teaser Day! 💜💜💜


As soon as the door clicked shut, Kara doubled over, bursting into a fit of hysterical laughter. “I think we offended the princess’s precious sensibilities.”

“You offended her,” Rose muttered. “I just stood here, blushing like an idiot.” She fumbled with the buttons of her shirt. “A half-naked idiot, at that.”

Kara straightened and stepped closer, helping Rose button up her shirt—since the incident had apparently left Rose too clumsy to figure out her own shirt. “A very beautiful,” Kara said, desperately trying not to laugh, “half-naked idiot.”

“Thanks,” Rose said sarcastically. “That’s really helpful.”


from my upcoming book, The Reign of Darkness,

Book Four of the Creatures of Darkness Series.

©️ Britney Jackson

Coming Soon(ish) 💜💜💜

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