Teaser: Cute Moment

My homicidal babies are so cute sometimes! 😂

Happy Teaser Day, and I hope you’re all having a happy Thanksgiving! 💙💙💙


He spit out a mouthful of blood and snarled, “Your girlfriend’s insane!”

Rose stepped closer, as that glowing, red haze overtook her eyes. “If you think she’s crazy, you really don’t want to see what happens when I get angry.”

Kara stepped forward, curling her fingers around Rose’s arm. She pulled Rose away from the Assassin, turning to face the opposite direction. Kara leaned in close and whispered, “I thought you said you were going to be Good Cop.”

Rose crossed her arms and grumbled, “That was before he insulted you.”

Kara smiled, amusement sparkling in her light blue eyes. “I love you.”

“Hello?” yelled the Assassins of Light, suddenly. “Can I go home now?”

Kara shot a peeved glare at him—before returning her attention to Rose. “Please, let me cut off his hand. He can still answer questions without his hand.”

Rose sighed, “I think you’ve dismembered enough people for one day.”

from my upcoming book, The Reign of Darkness,

Book Four of the Creatures of Darkness Series.

©️ Britney Jackson

Coming Soon(ish) ❤️🖤

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