Happy Lesbian Visibility Day!

Happy Lesbian Visibility Day from a lesbian who’s a little less afraid of being visible than she used to be. πŸ§‘πŸ€πŸ’–

Visibility is so important, and it’s why I write what I write. We need the good stuff to drown out the hateful stuff. 🧑

I hope you find some good stuff today. πŸ’–

Happy Lesbian Visibility Day

4 thoughts on “Happy Lesbian Visibility Day!

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  1. Happy lesbian visibility day from a fellow gay! I know a lot of us homosexual men do a bad job of supporting and empowering queer people other than gay (white) men, but I’m committed to changing that! Much love❀️🌈

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  2. Happy Lesbian visibility Day!!!
    Please keep on writing the very good stuff,it is very much appreciated.
    I’ve always loved a good pirate adventure and yours is wonderful.
    Stay safe,
    Anne. xx

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