Lesbian Visibility Day

Happy Lesbian Visibility Day! 🏳️‍🌈

Representation is so important. I spent so long feeling alone, scared, wrong, and just…broken. It’s why I write what I write and why I’ll continue to write what I write. 🧡🤍💖

You deserve to exist, and you deserve to see yourself exist. It’s the people who tell you otherwise who are wrong. 🧡🤍💖

A lesbian flag with message, “Happy Visibility Day,” on Britney Jackson’s website.

In celebration of Lesbian Visibility Week, Jae has put together a list of one hundred books with lesbian protagonists (including one of mine 🧡).

You can find them here: https://jae-fiction.com/books-with-lesbian-characters-for-lesbian-visibility-week/

Image with lesbian flags, books, and the words: “100 Books featuring lesbian characters.”

Happy Lesbian Visibility Day!

Happy Lesbian Visibility Day from a lesbian who’s a little less afraid of being visible than she used to be. 🧡🤍💖

Visibility is so important, and it’s why I write what I write. We need the good stuff to drown out the hateful stuff. 🧡

I hope you find some good stuff today. 💖

Happy Lesbian Visibility Day

Happy Lesbian Visibility Day!

Happy Lesbian Visibility Day from your dorky, neighborhood lesbian! 🏳️‍🌈

I have cast off my powers of invisibility and am here to save the day!

With a pen, of course. I’m an author. I don’t actually beat up villains or anything. Unfortunately.

I do have a sword, though!

Sending extra love to all of my lesbian readers and friends today! 🧡

Whether you’re out or not, I hope you feel a little less “other” today!

Lesbian is not a dirty word, and you’re perfect as you are! 🏳️‍🌈

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