New Teaser for a New Book 💙

I’m a little late (again) because of internet troubles (again). Thursdays are clearly bad luck. 😅 Buuuuuut…I have something new for you! 💙 I’ve been working on my lesbian pirate WIP a lot lately, and I finally felt comfortable enough to share a scene this week! 💙

(Keep in mind this is definitely a rough draft, still. 😅)

I haven’t decided on a title for it yet. In my computer, it’s called Lesbians, Pirates, and Dragons, but uhh…obviously, that’ll change. 😂 But it follows Emilia, a dragon-commanding sorceress who joins a pirate crew—and Captain Maria Welles, the pirate captain she’s totally not in love with (wink, wink). These characters are so much fun, and I can’t wait to tell you more about them. But for now…here’s a fun scene:

In which my witch-turned-pirate threatens to steal my pirate captain’s ship—and my pirate captain is simultaneously appalled and…into it??? 😂 Like I said, they’re fun. 😂 Happy Teaser Day! 💙

(P.S. – Ignore the title in the teaser. I change it like once a week. 😅)

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