Teaser and a Request

Hey, guys. I hope you’re all doing well and staying safe. 💛 My internet’s been down a lot lately, so I’m a little behind on our weekly teasers. But here’s the one for this past Thursday! 💛

Rose turned to the princess. “And what’s wrong with who I’m dating?”

The princess started to laugh—until she noticed Rose’s glare. She cleared her throat. “Oh, you’re…serious,” she mumbled, her eyes wide. She set her glass on the table and straightened. “Well,” she said nervously, “you must know…Kara Unnarsdóttir has quite the reputation. She’s defeated entire armies by herself, assassinated world leaders, seduced queens and conquered their kingdoms…”

Rose shrugged. “People are allowed to have hobbies.”

from The Reign of Darkness
Creatures of Darkness: Book Four
by Britney Jackson

P.S. — A small request for anyone who’s already finished The Reign of Darkness: It doesn’t appear to have any reviews on Amazon yet. So, if you enjoyed it and don’t mind leaving a review there, I’d be super, super, super grateful. 💛 Regardless, though, thank you so much for reading! Love you guys! 💛💛💛💛

And a massive thank you to those of you who have left reviews elsewhere! 💛💛💛💛

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