Teaser: Intense Rose

Rose is just a big ball of awkwardness and sarcasm most of the time, but when she is intense, she’s…intense. 😂

Happy Teaser Day! I hope you like it! ❤️🖤❤️

“The way she said it,” Rose said. “It was like she was talking about fate.”

Kara finished getting dressed, tugging her shirt down, over the bandages on her stomach. She looked at Rose. “Do you have any reason to not believe her?”

Rose tore her gaze from the bandages, her gaze shifting to meet Kara’s. “You mean…other than the fact that she’s a serial killer and a total psycho? No.”

Kara sat down in the floor—too exhausted to stand any longer. “Still…”

“Still, what?” Rose scoffed. “Who cares what Psycho-Queen said? I don’t know if I even believe in fate.” She studied Kara with a curious frown. “Do you?”

Kara leaned back, stretching her long, leather-clad legs in front of her. “I did, once,” she admitted. “My people did.” She didn’t look at Rose—probably afraid that Rose would notice the anxiety in her eyes, if she did. But Rose didn’t need to see Kara to know what she was feeling.

She always knew.

“We believed in the Norns,” Kara told Rose. “They determined the destiny of gods and humans.”

“And,” Rose asked, “did you believe that your fate was…unchangeable?”

“Yes,” Kara said. “Not even the gods could defy their fate. The only god who would’ve even had the audacity to try was Loki. Maybe not even him.”

Rose knelt in front of Kara—putting herself at eye-level with the seated vampire. “Didn’t you tell me that they used to call you the ‘Daughter of Loki?’”

An impressed smile curled at the edges of Kara’s lips. “I did tell you that.”

“And isn’t fate a kind of…rule?” Rose said. She leaned closer to Kara—separated only by the length of Kara’s legs. “Don’t you love to break the rules?”

Kara’s smile deepened. She shifted, folding her legs beneath her, so that Rose could move closer. “There’s very little I love more,” she agreed breathlessly.

“Then,” Rose said, moving closer, “we’ll defy fate, if that’s what it takes.”

Kara reached out, pushing a loose strand of red hair out of Rose’s face. She leaned in, her breath warm against Rose’s lips. “I thought you liked the rules.”

“I like you,” Rose whispered. “I love you. That’s all that matters, really.”

“How is it all that matters,” Kara said sadly, “if fate itself is against us?”

Rose leaned back on her heels, and in an instant, her eyes changed—red flames glowing within them. “Kara, I love you. And if I have to rip apart fate itself for you, I will,” she growled. “No one is going to tell me who I can and can’t love.”

from my upcoming book, The Reign of Darkness,

Book Four of the Creatures of Darkness Series.

©️ Britney Jackson

Coming Soon ❤️🖤❤️

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