New Excerpt for THE TOMB OF BLOOD

We have exactly three more weeks until the release date, and I have one more teaser for you! 😊❤️

THE TOMB OF BLOOD is such topsy-turvy book (thanks to our lovely/crazy, telepathic villain and her love of driving people mad with dreams and illusions). But I think this scene might be the most topsy-turvy of all. And because of that, it’s one of my favorites. I hope you enjoy! ❤️❤️❤️

“You think that you’re the hero of this story, and I’m the villain,” Alana said, a bitter smile curving at the edges of her lips. “But I know the truth.”

“The truth?” Rose repeated worriedly. “What do you mean by that?”

Alana played absently with the strings of Rose’s hoodie, tugging it tighter and then loosening it as she spoke. “My darkness runs deep. That’s true. But your darkness?” she paused, her dark blue gaze shifting up to meet Rose’s gaze. Her smile deepened. “Your darkness would rip the entire universe apart.”

“What are you talking about, Alana?” Rose breathed, her heart racing.

With the string of Rose’s hoodie wrapped around her hand, Alana jerked Rose closer, until their faces nearly touched. “I’ve been inside your head, Rose. I know things about you that even you don’t know. I know what you really are.”

Rose felt a strange prickling sensation in her head, like fingertips sliding over her mind. A wave of disorientation washed over her—so intense that she might have collapsed if Alana weren’t clutching her jacket. “What am I?”

“The truth is, Rose,” Alana whispered, her breath warm against Rose’s face, “you’re only one tragedy away from becoming the worst villain this world has ever seen.” She let go of Rose’s jacket so abruptly that Rose stumbled backward.

Rose caught herself against the door. “That’s not true,” she insisted.

Alana lifted an eyebrow. “Isn’t it?”

An image suddenly flashed through Rose’s mind, an image that felt so familiar, an image that she must have seen somewhere before, but at the same time, she couldn’t have—black hair…black eyes…black sky…blood…so much blood. Rose fell to her knees, shaking, as her mind spun with disorientation, as pain lashed through her head, as that image seemed to rip apart her conscious thoughts. Rose tilted her head back and screamed desperately, “Stay out of my head!”

Alana knelt in front of Rose, her blood-soaked, lavender dress brushing against the marble floor. She reached out and gently traced the curves of Rose’s face with her finger. “Aww, but darling,” she cooed, “I’m already in your head.”

Cold dread washed over Rose. “What?” she breathed, looking at Alana.

Alana tilted her head to the side, her pale blonde hair falling over one shoulder. “Since you know so much about psychic abilities, I have a pop quiz for you. Tell me: How do you tell the difference between reality and an illusion?”

Rose stared at Alana, her face paling in horror, as she realized, “You can’t.”


© Britney Jackson

Release Date: May 16th! 😊

Official Release Date

The official release date for THE TOMB OF BLOOD is May 16, 2017. 

Not much longer!!! 😊❤️

As Rose adjusts to life as a vampire, the world is thrown into a chaos by a series of highly publicized murders that all have one significant thing in common: the bodies have been drained of blood. Rose, Kallias, Erik must intervene if they want to prevent the imminent war between vampires and humans.

But when they realize that the woman behind these murders is Alana—a vampire they believed to be long dead—intervening becomes complicated. Alana is as powerful as she is seductive. She is a master of manipulation and the queen of mind games. She craves vengeance, and she doesn’t care if she has to tear the world apart to get it. And now, she has an army.

Outnumbered and overpowered, Rose, Kallias, and Erik turn to the only person who might be able to help: a cunning and skilled warrior by the name of Kara Unnarsdóttir. Kara is the second-in-command of the largest vampire colony in the world—the Tomb of Blood—and she offers to help them infiltrate the Tomb of Blood and form an alliance with Aaron, the most ancient vampire known to exist. There’s just one problem: Kara is Alana’s lover, and Aaron is the last person in the world that should ever be trusted. No one knows who will betray whom, only that betrayal is inevitable.

In this second installment of the Creatures of Darkness series, Rose will unravel more of the mystery behind what she is and further explore what it means to be the Eklektos.

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