Character Interviews

Last month, a few of my readers came up with some interview questions for their favorite characters from the Creatures of Darkness series. Well, Rose Foster, Kara Unnarsdóttir, and Erik Olafsson have answered your questions! 😊 (No one asked Kallias any questions. Poor guy. 😂)

I hope you enjoy! ❤️

P.S — I apologize ahead of time for Rose’s sarcasm, but…well…you knew it was coming. 😂


Question: “Rose, have you ever played any kind of sport?”

Rose’s Answer: “Does Mathletes count? No? I didn’t think so. What part of nerd do you not understand?”

Question: “Rose, we missed your first few weeks of being a vampire. What was that like?”

Rose’s Answer: “Amazing. Agonizing hunger for blood, out-of-control power, and a strained relationship with my boyfriend. What’s not to like?”

Question: “Rose, your brother didn’t act too surprised by your relationship with Kara. It made me curious: did you ever ‘come out’ to him as bisexual? Have you had other girlfriends?”

Rose’s Answer: “Ummm, define ‘come out?’ I mean, basically, when I was a kid, I wanted to marry Wonder Woman, and he figured it out on his own. Also, define ‘girlfriends?’ You’ve met me, right? I’m really bad at the dating thing. Blushing and stammering, on the other hand, I do very well.”


Question: “Kara, how old were you when you first became a warrior?”

Kara’s Answer: “I always thought of myself as a warrior, but my first actual battle was when I was sixteen. Do you remember the scar I showed Rose in The Tomb of Blood? That was from my first battle. At that point, I was still inexperienced and naïve, but within a few years, I became the most dangerous warrior on the battlefield. 😊 Practice makes perfect. Well, that, and a bit of trickery. 😉”

Question: “Kara, did you use a battle-axe when you were human?”

Kara’s Answer: “Ha. No. Battle-axes are actually very heavy, and compared to the men I usually fought, I was small. If I’d fought with a battle-axe, it would’ve slowed me down too much. I was trained to use one, but in battle, I usually used a sword and shield, like most warriors. I didn’t start using a battle-axe until I became a vampire. As a vampire, I have supernatural strength, so I can wield one easily. And they’re a lot of fun to use. 😁”

Question: “Kara, I was wondering: why do you get so close to Rose when you’re trying to seduce her? Is that just something you like to do, or does it have something to do with her being a vampire?”

Kara’s Answer: “Nice observation! Yes, it very much has to do with her being a vampire. Vampires are intensely affected by scent—specifically, the scent of blood. And obviously, the closer someone is, the more the scent of blood affects us. It makes it harder to think, and our instincts start to take over. I knew that Rose wanted to be with me, but I also knew she overthinks and overanalyzes everything. So, I hoped, if I could get her to think just a little less…well…you saw what happened. 😉”

Question: “Kara, who originally wrote that poem you recited to Rose in The Assassins of Light? Is it a real Old Norse poem?”

Kara’s Answer: “Haha, well, uh…for the sake of the story, let’s just say it was a commonly-known poem during the Viking Age. Maybe commonly quoted at weddings? (In real life, it may have been written by this really weird, modern writer by name of Britney Jackson??? She’s pretty unknown, so you probably haven’t heard of her. 😁)”


Question: “Erik, did you and Kara hate each other when you first met?”

Erik’s Answer: “Eh, well, I don’t think she was too fond of me when we first met, but she warmed up to me, I think. Maybe? The fact of the matter is…I’d just died. I’d lost everything familiar to me, and I’d unwittingly fallen in love with a sociopath who would manipulate me for the rest of the eternity. And then, there was Kara—a fellow Norse warrior who’d done the exact same thing. We understood each other. And as much as she might act like she has no sympathy for me, the truth is…she saved me from a lot of the situations that Alana put me in. I don’t know what I would’ve done without her. So, while, no, we weren’t always as close as we are today, we were always kind of friends. I mean, she nearly killed me every time I looked at her wrong or said anything disrespectful, but…that’s just how Kara makes friends, I think. 😂”

Question: “Erik, who’s the better warrior: you or Kara?”

Erik’s Answer: (Looks over his shoulder for Kara) “Are you trying to get me killed?!!! I mean, look, I’d like to say that I’m the better warrior (for the sake of my ego), but then, she’d kill me, just to prove a point. So, let’s just forget this conversation ever happened, okay? Okay?! Please?!!!”

Question: “Erik, which friend would you call your best friend: Kallias or Kara?”

Erik’s Answer: “Do I have to pick one? Kallias and I have been friends for many centuries. We understand what each other needs. He’s a thinker, not a feeler, and I’m a feeler, not a thinker. He tells me when I’m being rash and sensitive, and I tell him when he’s being a jerk. It’s a very important kind of friendship. But where Kallias and I are different, Kara and I are similar. She understands me in ways no one else does. Not to mention, we were both manipulated by Alana. No one else knows what that’s like. I can talk to Kara about things that I know Kallias wouldn’t understand. So, you see, I need both friendships. They’re both my best friends.”

That’s all we have for now! Thank you for the awesome questions! Love you guys! ❤

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