Celebratory Teaser

I’m about 75% finished with the first draft of The Assassins of Light, so, to celebrate, here’s a new teaser! ❤️❤️❤️

(Well, I made it a few weeks ago and never shared it. So, new-ish. 😂)

Talulah moved closer to Rose—close enough that the warmth of her body alleviated some of the cold seeping into Rose’s skin. Rose watched the intimidating vampire warily as she leaned closer, one of the long braids in her hair brushing Rose’s arm. “I don’t mean to speak ill of your lover,” she began.

“Then, you probably shouldn’t say whatever you’re about to say,” Rose muttered.

Talulah continued, “But I’ve known her for hundreds of years. And she’s an amazing asset—with her unique skills and influence—but I’d never trust her.”

Rose scanned the crowd of vampires, looking for Elise or Tom or Erik or…literally anyone who could save her from this deceptively polite interrogation.

“The truth is,” Talulah said, “the only thing constant about Kara is that she always has bad intentions.” She tore her gaze from the stars, finally, and looked at Rose, her eyes blacker than the sky. “Is that who you would trust with your life?”

“No,” Rose said, “because the Kara I know is more than who you say she is.”

“You know as well as I do,” Talulah said quietly, “that after this war is over, once Aaron no longer needs you, he’ll command her to kill you. She’s a warrior, Rose. Where do you think her loyalties lie? With her commander? Or her lover?”

“I really want to like you,” Rose sighed, “but I’m not a big fan of being manipulated. I got my lifetime supply of that from Alana.”

“I can assure you that those are not my intentions,” Talulah told her. She sounded sincere, but Rose remained wary. “I just want you think about this.” She tilted her head closer, so that she could whisper, “I can offer you protection. From Kara and Aaron. If the need arises. All you have to do is…tell me what Kara is hiding.”

Rose spotted Elise—or the yellow-blonde curls that cascaded down her back, at least—and she sighed in relief at the perfect timing. “Sorry!” she yelled over her shoulder, as she ran away. “I have to talk to Elise! About the…cat.”

Talulah frowned. “Cat?” she repeated bewilderedly. “What cat?”


Book 3 of the CREATURES OF DARKNESS series

© Britney Jackson

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