The Halfway Mark

Note: I wrote this post on Facebook, originally, about a month ago. So, I’m actually at over 125,000 words now. 😊

In case you missed the post from last night: I’m playing catch up until I get the website caught up with everything else.

I’ve officially reached 100,000 words for The Assassins of Light. The books in the Creatures of Darkness series usually come out to about 200,000 words each, so if this one is, too, then, I’m officially at the halfway mark (and the last half usually takes less time than the first 😊). I’m at that magical part of novel-writing where the parts finally click together like a puzzle, and I’m so excited about it. So far, this book has been so different from the first two. There’s a bit more stillness (geographically) in this one because there’s a portion of the book where they’re forced to hide and wait for a few days. So, there are fewer fight scenes, which is weird for me because I’m used to writing so many, but that leaves more time for other things that some of you have asked for more of (cough, cough, sex scenes, cough, cough). (…more awkward coughing…) 😂 This book has been an emotional rollercoaster for me so far (I said that with The Tomb of Blood, too, but this one is like a massive rollercoaster with those upside-down flippy-things), and I love that the subplots are finally getting to pan out. I won’t say that I love it more than The Tomb of Blood yet. Just differently. These books are all their own creatures, I think, (even though there’s a very important overarching plot line), and all of them have my heart in their own ways. ❤️

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