Crazy Writing Rituals

One of my crazy writing rituals is burning candles that smell like my characters. (For example, I usually burn vanilla candles when I'm writing important Rose-scenes.) Well, the one character that I never had a candle for is Kara, which made me kind of sad because I've written so many candle-less scenes for her. In the books, she's often described as smelling like "violets and leather," which, in Rose's opinion, is a scent that fits her because it's "wild and strong, but beneath the surface, so sweet." Well, guess what? I finally found a violet-scented candle! And I'm feeling a weird amount of excitement about it because it's my weird writing ritual, and I'm a weird person. So…yeah… Yay for scented candles and weird writing rituals and weirdness in general! ❤️

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