I’ve been having a lot of good writing days lately, and because of that, I am so excited about this next book right now. And boys and girls, I am here to tell you that excitement leads to book teasers. (It’s like a physiological fact, isn’t it?) 😜 

So, here it is! A teensy-weensy teaser from my next book, THE ASSASSINS OF LIGHT! 😁

I don’t usually post quotes from the romantic parts of my books, so I guess I’m breaking tradition today. 😊 Crazy, battle-axe-wielding, Viking-warrior Kara Unnarsdóttir isn’t sentimental often, so when she is, you have to commemorate it with a teaser. (It’s like a rule or something.) 😜

(I finally finished my very rough draft of the book blurb/description for THE ASSASSINS OF LIGHT, so once I finish designing the cover, I’ll post it, too.)

Anyway, I hope you like the teaser! ❤️

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