New Character Preview

Aaron Profile.jpg

Aaron is one of the few major characters of the Creatures of Darkness series that I haven’t really talked about yet. He’s only mentioned a few times in the first book, so you probably just know him as “the oldest vampire in the world,” “that guy everyone’s afraid of,” or “one of the 17 million people that Kallias hates.” I think the best way to describe him is this: he’s the character you’ll love to hate. While Alana is the one with good intentions (and a complete lack of sanity) that happens to be the villain, Aaron is the one with very BAD intentions that happens to be on our side. He’s ruthless, manipulative, and usually apathetic. Officially, he rules over the largest vampire colony in the world. Unofficially, he practically rules over ALL vampires. Because if you do something he doesn’t like, he’ll send someone to kill you. And the person he sends is usually Kara. (Sorry, not a good chance of surviving THAT.) Kara respects Aaron because she’s a Viking, and as a Viking, she learned to respect strong leaders who protect their people. And despite Aaron’s many faults, he has spent thousands of years protecting vampires. Or…well…sending Kara to do it…because, as Rose says, he’s too prissy to get his hands dirty (and Kara obviously isn’t). Yeah…you can just imagine how well Rose’s smart mouth goes over with the most powerful vampire in the world. He’s definitely a fun character to write, and it’s a very good thing that he’s on our side. But make no mistake: he is NOT trustworthy.

P.S. – In case you’re wondering, yes, I am finally updating the character section of my website. Give me a few days, and it should be finished.


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