New Book (Coming Soon/Eventually)

So…I’ve kind of been working on a new book…

Don’t worry. The Creatures of Darkness series is still my first priority. But writing that series is a pretty hefty task. (They’re huge novels with tons of characters and subplots and an overarching main plot that stretches through at least four or five full-length novels…and ahh, I feel out-of-breath just thinking about it.) So, sometimes, it’s a bit more relaxing to work on a stand-alone novel, like this one.

The main characters in this–Amelia and Carmen–are both musicians. And of course, it’s fantasy. (I always write fantasy.)

Don’t expect it anytime soon. Like I said, finishing The Tomb of Blood is my first priority. 

I just didn’t feel like keeping this one a secret any longer. Haha. 😁

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