My Writing Playlist

Tomb of Blood - Hozier Lyrics Graphic

Like most writers (I assume), I listen to music while I write. I listen to all kind of music (rock, blues, indie, classical, etc.), but regardless of the genre, I usually try to find music that fits the mood of what I’m writing. Hozier’s music makes up a large portion of my writing playlist because: 1) I love his music, and 2) his music has that dark, bluesy sound that fits the mood of so many scenes in my books. Well, lately, I have pretty much had his new song “Better Love” (the one that’s one the new Tarzan movie) on repeat because I’m working really hard on this semi-romantic/sexy-ish scene between Rose and The-Person-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named (I don’t want to spoil anything), and that songs fits the scene perfectly because it’s so dark, somber, and sultry. Anyway, because I am a total dork who is obsessed with the book I’m writing, I made this little graphic. I hope you like it! =)

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