Rose & Kara Playlist 🖤

I’m participating in the #WIPTunes hashtag game on Twitter this month, and today, we shared our writing playlists. Well, I have hundreds of songs saved on my Spotify, sorted into about twenty different playlists: one for every kind of scene in every book. (It’s a bit of an obsession. 😂) So, I decided to just share my favorite: my Rose and Kara Playlist. 🖤 (Pictured below.)

So, if you’ve ever wondered what music Rose and Kara’s (romantic) scenes are set to in my head, now you know. 😊🖤

(Well…for now, anyway. I’m always adding new songs.)


P.S. – For anyone new to these books: Rose is the protagonist of the Creatures of Darkness series, and Kara is the Viking warrior love interest, who steals Rose’s heart in The Tomb of Blood (Book 2) and The Assassins of Light (Book 3). 🖤 You can also expect to see quite a lot of her in my upcoming book, The Reign of Darkness (Book 4). 🖤

My Writing Playlist

I've mentioned before that one of my pre-writing rituals is creating a playlist of songs that "fit" the book I'm writing. I try to find songs that fit the mood of each chapter (dark songs, sultry songs, sad songs, exciting songs, etc.). My final playlist for each book is usually extremely long because…well…writing a 200,000-word book requires a lot of songs. (For me, anyway.) But there's always this one song that stands out to me, that "feels" like the book, more than any other. I posted (around this time last year) that "Better Love" by Hozier was that song for The Tomb of Blood. Well, I think "Battlefield" by Svrcina is that song for The Assassins of Light. The song feels dark, somber, suspenseful, and a little bit romantic, much like this book. Plus, the lyrics are perfect. ❤️ I mean, just look at them… ❤️❤️❤️

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