This page is a work in progress. When it is finished, it will (hopefully) have a character profile and picture for every major character in the Creatures of Darkness Series. Until then, enjoy browsing through the characters that are already on here. =)


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Brilliant, socially awkward, and perpetually sarcastic, Rose Foster is the opposite of normal. She’s known darkness since the day she was born. One terrible thing after another happened to her, but somehow—with a little wit and a lot of stubbornness—she managed to overcome it all. Still, she tried to live a normal life…until a bunch of vampires decided to hunt her down. Rose learned the hard way that she’s the farthest thing from normal. She’s the Eklektos.

Rose Foster is one of the kindest people you will ever meet. She’ll do anything for the ones she loves. But underneath all of that sweetness, there’s a darkness that is stronger and deeper than anything you’ve ever seen before. Whatever you do, don’t hurt anyone that Rose loves, and if, by any chance, you do, when you see her eyes turn red, you better run…



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Kara Unnarsdóttir doesn’t play by the rules. As a matter of fact, she very much enjoys breaking every rule you give her. She was a Viking warrior when she was human, unsurpassed in combat skills, and now, as a vampire, she is second-in-command at the the Tomb of Blood, the largest vampire colony in the world. She also happens to be in a (very dysfunctional) relationship with Alana—the same vampire that the Tomb of Blood is currently at war with. No one knows where Kara’s loyalties truly lie, and she likes it that way. Her skills, however, make her a valuable ally. Kara is as cunning and sly as it gets, and she is unsurpassed in every skill she attempts…even, as it turns out, the art of seduction. It’s no secret that she likes Rose, but will that be enough to keep her from betraying them all?




Website Alana.jpgLike Rose, Alanahas experienced more than her fair share of darkness. As a human, a group of Vikings enslaved her and did many unspeakable things to her. Alana never fully recovered. She blames the entire world for what happened to her, and because of that, she wants to the tear this world apart. And she just might, if no one can stop her. Alana is a master of manipulation and the queen of mind games. She can read and control minds, and on top of that, she has an army, too.

Alana is beautiful, seductive, and irresistible, but whatever you do, don’t fall in love with her…because if you do, she will ruin your life. Don’t believe me? Just ask Erik or Kara.

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Aaron is the oldest vampire known to exist…mostly because, during his rise to power, he killed all of the vampires that were older than him. Officially, he rules the Tomb of Blood—the largest vampire colony in the world. Unofficially, he rules over all vampires…because if you do something he doesn’t like, he’ll send someone to kill you. And the person he usually sends is Kara. (Sorry, not a good chance of surviving that.) He’s ruthless, manipulative, and usually apathetic. Kara respects him because she’s a Viking, and Vikings tend to respect strong leaders that protect their people. And despite Aaron’s many faults, he has spent thousands of years protecting vampires. Or…well…sending Kara to do it…because, as Rose says, he’s too prissy to get his hands dirty (and Kara obviously isn’t). Yeah…you can just imagine how well Rose’s smart mouth goes over with the most powerful vampire in the world. It’s definitely better to have Aaron on your side than against you, but make no mistake: he is not trustworthy.




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Tom works as a bartender in the Tomb of Blood. He and Kara are close friends, and he believes that he owes Rose for saving his life (even though she insists that he doesn’t). He died in Mississippi during the 1800s when he was hanged for murder. After he died, a vampire who knew what had really happened sympathized with him and brought him back as a vampire. Tom is one of the friendliest vampires you’ll ever meet, and it’s almost impossible to get on his bad side. But if you do…well…he was hanged for murder, after all…





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Elise is one of the youngest vampires at the Tomb of Blood (besides Rose, of course). She ran away from home in Paris, France, in 1982, and a vampire murdered her and turned her that same night. She’s one of Kara’s many kind-of-ex-girlfriends, but she’s also one of Kara’s closest friends. She’s carefree and free-spirited, and she has a tendency of being a little too accepting of things that shouldn’t be accepted (like her former boyfriend, Lafi, for instance). But she is incredibly nice, and she and Rose become friends pretty easily. Elise isn’t much a fighter, but she isn’t helpless either. Besides, if you mess with her, you have to deal with Kara…


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