Excerpt: Trick or Treat 🧡🖤

Teaser Day! 🖤🧡

In the spirit of Halloween, here’s a scene (from The Reign of Darkness) with our favorite trickster, Kara, and her villainous ex-lover, Alana. 🎃🖤🧡


The glass shattered in Alana’s hand, the scent of her blood filling the air.

Kara looked down, her eyes darkening with hunger, as she watched the blood flow from Alana’s hand, sliding down her wrist in a steady, crimson stream.

With a shriek of rage, Alana gripped the largest shard of glass and swung it at Kara.

Kara caught her wrist easily. “Careful, love,” she said, ripping the shard of glass from Alana’s hand. “You wouldn’t want to scar your pretty hands.”

Alana jerked her wrist from Kara’s grasp. “You lied to me!” she growled.

Kara took a step backward, a cocky smirk tilting at the edges of her lips. “It’s what I do,” she said, spreading out her arms. “Try not to act so surprised.”

She spun on her heels and headed toward the door, feeling quite proud of herself, to be honest. But as she placed her hand on the doorknob, she heard a sound that made her heart stop—Alana. Not the shrieking, rage-filled Alana she’d faced a moment before…

No, she sounded calm now.

Amused, even.


“But it’s more fun when I act.”

Kara froze, a cold rush of dread pouring over her. She turned, watching as Alana cleaned the blood from her hand with a cloth. “What are you saying?”

Alana smiled. “It’s oddly satisfying to trick a trickster, don’t you think?”

“You knew,” Kara realized, her brows furrowing, “that I was using you.”

Alana giggled, “I’ve been with you for a thousand years.” She took a step closer to Kara. “You didn’t think I’d learned nothing in all of that time, did you?”

Kara sighed irritably. “If you knew, why did you tell me the truth?”

“Do you think this is the first time you’ve gotten this close to the truth?” Alana scoffed. When she noticed Kara’s worried frown, her smile widened. “Oh, you did,” she giggled. Her dark blue eyes sparkled. “That’s kind of sweet, actually.”

Kara wanted to run—to get out of reach before Alana came any closer to her—but a pulsing, painful fog had already begun to spread through her mind.

“When you talk to Aaron, you won’t remember any of this,” Alana said.

Kara pressed her hand against her face, as if she could push away the fog, as if she could stop the mind-control. Her hair fell around her face, and her head spun violently. She almost fell, but Alana caught her. “Please, stop,” Kara gasped.

Alana pushed Kara’s hair out of her face, so that Kara could see the smile on Alana’s face. “And hundreds of years from now, you’ll play right into his plan.”

Everything suddenly stopped spinning. Kara straightened—the dizziness and pain gone. She looked down at Alana, her brows furrowing. “Whose plan?”

“See?” Alana said with a laugh. “You’ve already forgotten.” When Kara’s frown deepened, Alana smiled. “It’s you who is being used this time, darling.”

Kara stared at the glass in the floor, trying to remember what happened.

“Come back to bed,” Alana called, as she headed back to the bedroom.

Kara glanced toward their bedroom, her eyebrows lifting, as she noticed Alana’s dress already in the floor. She knew she must’ve been going somewhere, but it suddenly didn’t feel so important. She stepped away from the door. “Okay.”

from my upcoming book, The Reign of Darkness,

Book Four of the Creatures of Darkness Series

©️Britney Jackson

🖤🧡 Coming Soon(ish) 🖤🧡

Oh, and this is a flashback scene, so “hundreds of years from now”…is now. 😉🖤

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