Excerpt: An Ode to Audrey’s Weak Stomach 😂

It’s Teaser Day! (Thursday is Teaser Day now. Shhh…just go with it. 😁)

It’s also my oldest son’s birthday! 💚 He’s seven now. (Holy crap. 😳)

Anyway, I have a new teaser (and excerpt) for you today. 💚 I call this one “An Ode to Audrey’s Weak Stomach.” 😂

(Please, excuse my dorkiness. I’m very sleep-deprived. 😂)


Audrey met them at the door. “What happened to Gun-Dude?”

Rose gave her a bewildered look. “Who?”

“The dude with the guns,” Audrey said impatiently. “Where did he go?”

“Depends on which part of him you mean,” Kara said with a smug smirk.

“What?” Audrey said. She felt Owen tap her shoulder, and then, she saw him point to something in Kara’s hand. Her gaze shifted down, toward the battle-axe that Kara held by her side. Audrey paled at the sight of the blood that coated the blade. “I’m going to be sick,” she whined—before darting off, down the hall.

Owen raised an eyebrow at Kara. “You know…the Assassins of Light had all sorts of words for you. Dangerous. Crazy. Savage. Unpredictable. Wild…”

“Aww,” Kara said, clasping her free hand—which was also stained with blood—over her chest. She looked at Rose—who seemed pretty distracted, at the moment. “Did you hear that, love? The Nazi-wannabes gave me affectionate nicknames! I should give them some, too. Headless. Crushed Skull. Disemboweled…”

Owen’s eyes widened. “Rose, how do you sleep next to this woman?”

“On my side, usually,” Rose said. “Where’s Kallias?”

from my upcoming book, The Reign of Darkness

Book Four of the Creatures of Darkness Series

Coming Soon(ish) 🖤

©️ Britney Jackson

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