Month: August 2018


Guess what? I’m almost at the halfway point of The Reign of Darkness (Book Four of the Creatures of Darkness series)! I’m not the fastest writer (the kids keep me busy 😊), but it’s getting there! Soon! And… To celebrate, Here’s our favorite Viking…

Character Preview (And Excerpt!)

Some of you have been asking a lot of questions about a certain unnamed character in the last scene of The Assassins of Light, so… Character Preview! 😊❤️ Meet Princess Myrinne! (Well, technically, if you’ve finished The Assassins of Light, you’ve already met her….

Family Trip

I haven’t been updating much lately because I’ve been really busy, but you can expect at least two new updates today and a few more later this week. 😊 Oh, and one of the posts today will include a character preview and excerpt from…