…Or Not 😂

I know I said that the last teaser was the last teaser, but…

Total accident, I swear. 😁


Isaac’s lip curled in disgust. “You know exactly why I don’t like him.”

Aaron exhaled slowly. “Yes,” he began calmly, “but I refuse to acknowledge that as an actual reason…since it’s not!” He’d yelled that last word so suddenly that Isaac immediately took a step back, startled. Aaron took a deep breath and continued in a calmer tone, “I am way too old and way too homicidal to deal with your ignorance, so for your own sake, stop annoying me.”

Rose frowned worriedly. “He’s going to kill him by the end of the week, isn’t he?”

“I really hope so,” Kara muttered. When she noticed the look that Rose was giving her, she shrugged. “What?”

from my upcoming book, The Assassins of Light,

Book Three of the Creatures of Darkness series.

© Britney Jackson

Plotters, Pantsers, and…Me

Everyone says that there are two kinds of writers, right? Plotters and pantsers. Plotters are the ones that plan and outline everything before they start, and pantsers are the ones that write “by the seat of their pants.” Well, I’m basically a pantser who tries to be a plotter. I try (try being the key word) to be so organized when I write. I’ve known the overarching plot for this series since before I started the very first version of The Stone of the Eklektos, five years ago. I knew, even then, that there would be at least four books because there are four major book-long ”things” (I’m trying not to give anything away) that have to happen before the “thing” at the end of the series. (I’m starting to feel like Erastos with all of this vagueness.) But…every time I try to be “good,” and make all of my outlines beforehand, my characters just like, “Hahahahaha, you can’t make us,” and go completely off course for the majority of the book. And let me just tell you: those months without a plan are terrifying. Fun. But terrifying. But then, the coolest thing happens. You reach this one point in the book, and everything just clicks into place. And suddenly, there’s structure. A new structure—one you didn’t plan—and it’s better than the one you did plan. And it’s so cool. I just reached that point with this book, so I’m pretty giddy about it right now (which is a wonderful release from the lowness that I’ve been feeling for weeks now). I wish I could be a well-behaved plotter and be organized throughout the entire process, but at the same time, this is pretty freaking cool. ❤️

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