Month: October 2017

Teaser: “Dance with Me”

Good Writing Days = Happy Britney, and Happy Britney = Book Teasers. ❤ — Excerpt: Rose blinked. “What the heck, Kara? You can’t just tell someone they’re about to get bombed and then ask them to dance.” “You’re right,” Kara sighed, shoving her hands…

Rose’s Sassy Quote of the Day

Rose’s Sassy Quote of the Day (…because we all know she has plenty of them.) — (teaser from my upcoming book, The Assassins of Light, Book Three of the Creatures of Darkness series.)

The Darkest Monster of All

What happens when tragedy meets the power of the Eklektos? No excerpt with this one because SO MANY SPOILERS. But guys, I honestly think that this is one of the most intense scenes I’ve ever written. My heart was pounding the entire time I…

The Halfway Mark

Note: I wrote this post on Facebook, originally, about a month ago. So, I’m actually at over 125,000 words now. 😊 In case you missed the post from last night: I’m playing catch up until I get the website caught up with everything else….

Fighting Hatred

I realized today that I’ve, once again, fallen behind on website updates. I’m so sorry, guys. I am the epitome of a frazzled mother. 😂 I’m going to torture myself with an obscene amount of Post-It notes until I remember to keep everything updated,…