Playing Catch Up / Book Teaser (featuring Aaron)

I'm so behind on updates, so I'm going to be playing catch up for the next couple of days. The first thing I have for you is a book teaser, featuring the vampire we all love to hate: Aaron. 😂

—New Book Teaser 😁—

Aaron finished his speech with a pained smile. Well, actually, it looked more like a grimace, but it was clearly meant to be a smile. “I would like nothing more than to kill everyone in this room, but unfortunately, I need your help.”

"Has he always been this good at pep talks," Rose said dryly, "or is this a newly-developed skill?”

Kara laughed at her sarcasm. With a nod, she admitted, “The pre-battle speeches are usually my job. He gives the commands, and I…paraphrase.”

“You mean you lie,” Rose corrected.

“I,” Kara paused, choosing her words carefully, “make it sound good.”

Rose raised an eyebrow. “In order to make anything that comes out of Aaron's mouth sound good, you’d have to lie.”

Kara laughed, “Fair point.”

Most of the vampires left the room after Aaron finished giving the instructions, heading toward their assigned places for the night to come, which left only Rose, Kara, and Aaron.

On his way out of the room, Aaron stopped in front of Rose and Kara. He regarded Rose with a thoughtful look. “You’re the one I want to kill, most of all.”

“He means…your power is essential to this mission,” Kara translated.

Rose frowned at Kara. “Yeah, that’s not going to work on me.”

Kara nodded. “Didn’t think it would.”

Aaron dropped a key in Rose’s hand. “Just don’t screw it up this time," he snarled at her.

Rose turned the rusty key over in her hand, examining it, as Aaron left. “I had at least fifteen comebacks for that,” she told Kara, once he was gone, “but I missed my chance because I was trying to figure out why he gave me this key.”

Kara started laughing. She threw her arm around Rose and leaned in close, so that no one would overhear her. “You didn’t hear the plan, did you?”

“Of course not,” Rose said defensively. “I was busy being sarcastic.”



Book 3 of the CREATURES OF DARKNESS series

© Britney Jackson

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